If we act in favor of the people, we will support the government: Speaker Lamichhane


National Independent Party Chairman Ravi Lamichhane has said that his party will support the government that is working for the people.

At the formation program of National Independent Party Suryavinayak Nagar Committee, he said that his party will stand as an opposition to support the government that works in favor of the citizens.

Chairman Lamichhane said, “I visited the Prime Minister yesterday in Baluwatar, I encouraged him, let him open all the corruption files one after the other, no matter who the leader of the party is, don’t try to protect him, take action against the culprits, if our party works in favor of the citizens, we will help.”

He urged the government not to take action against the culprits and arrest them. He thanked the government for the fake Bhutanese refugee case and said that they will open the files of all the cases like Widebody, Yeti, Omni and others.

In the program, the chief whip of RSVP, Santosh Pariyar, pointed out that politics should be cleansed by eradicating corruption by all parties and accused the leaders of deliberately impoverishing the people through corruption.

Central member of RSVP Dr. Tosima Karki said that even though the system has changed in the country, the thinking of the government has not changed, but her party has launched a campaign to change the state of the country, not the system.

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