The case of human trafficking is also against the accused in the case of duty killing


A case has also been registered against 47-year-old Saraswati Paneru Pandit of Galchi Rural Municipality Ward No. 8, who was accused of killing a youth with the help of her son and another aide.

On Wednesday, a customer was stabbed to death at Sandar Hotel in Nibuwabote, Ward No. 8, Galchi Rural Municipality.

The police arrested Saraswati along with her son Neeraj Pandit, 30-year-old resident of Palpa District Tansen Municipality Ward No. 14 Gharbhai Galchi Rural Municipality Ward No. 8 and produced him in the district court for his involvement in the incident. .

Saraswati has been registered for human trafficking and carrying mugha on the basis of a complaint of prostitution and human trafficking in Sandar Hotel, the District Police Office has mentioned in a press conference on Friday.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Gautam Mishra informed that additional cases have been registered based on the complaints of the victims as girls were forced into prostitution through fear and temptation.

Although the local residents complained to the police office several times, the activities in the hotel did not stop. Mishra said that after receiving the information, taking into consideration the complaints of local residents, the perpetrators of heinous crimes were prosecuted.

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