Living Martyr Mukesh cremated with national honours


The last rites of Mukesh Kayastha, the injured “living martyr” of the Second People’s Movement, were performed on Thursday with respect on behalf of the Nepalese government.
On behalf of the Government of Nepal, Minister of Federal Affairs and General Administration, Amanlal Modi, honored Kayastha, who died at Shir Memorial Hospital in Banepa at 6:13 pm on Wednesday evening, by draped the flag of Nepal in a tribute meeting held at Banepa Municipality.

Addressing the tribute meeting, Minister Modi said that some people go away after death, but Mukesh Kayasth lives in the history of ages. Even though Mukesh’s physical body is dissolved, he will keep his birth mother and father forever. In the history of Nepal, a young living martyr who risked his life for democracy has left a great history among us. He said that Mukesh Kayastha will be declared a martyr after completing the process from next Tuesday’s Council of Ministers meeting.

Dinesh Bhattarai, Secretary of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Chief of District Administration Office Kavre Punya Vikram Paudel, Chief of Banepa Municipality Shanti Ratna Shakya, Deputy Chief Bimala Sapkota, Deputy Chief of Dhulikhel Municipality Nirajan Jangam, Municipal Chief of Mandan Deupur Municipality, President of Nepal Journalist Federation Kavre Badriraj Timalsina, various The leaders of the political parties, MP Laldhwaj Tamang, Meena Tamang, Bagmati MP Kanchan Chandra Wade, Lakshmi Lamsal, Chief of District Coordination Committee Kavre Deepak Gautam, social workers, local residents and journalists were present.

A two-minute silence was observed at the memorial service. In that meeting, 5 Buddha’s memorandums were submitted to the minister, drawing the attention of the Nepal government on behalf of the foundation, declaring Mukesh a martyr, keeping a statue of Mukesh.

As soon as the tribute meeting was over, a detachment of the Nepal Police and according to Newari tradition, Mukesh’s mortal body was taken around the old market of Banepa along with the goods. Mukesh’s body was taken to Banepa Ugra Tirtha Ghat while circumambulating the market, a unit of Nepal Police played a mournful tune and cremated with national honors according to Hindu tradition with Mukesh’s father Krishnaman Kayastha lighting a candle.

Expressing grief over the death of Kayastha, who was living in a semi-conscious state for 17 years and 1 month after being shot in the chest at three times in Banepa on 27th Chaitra, 2062, Banepa municipality hoisted the national flag at the municipal executive office and subordinate ward offices and health centers on Thursday in honor of the living martyr. Half bowed and mourned. Banepa municipality has also decided to arrange all the expenses for Kayastha’s memorial service.

The Nepali Congress Central Committee, District Working Committee Kavrepalanchok has expressed grief over the death of the living martyr Mukesh Kayastha by issuing a statement. Similarly, Mukesh Kayastha Foundation, Bagmati Provincial Assembly member Lakshman Lamsal, who was born in Banepa on August 9, 2048, expressed grief that he was injured in the head by a police bullet on 27 Chaitra 2062 at the age of 14 and died on Wednesday.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda also expressed his condolences on Mukesh’s death through his Facebook status. Expressing grief over the death of Mukesh, Nepali Congress Banepa City Committee, CPN UML Banepa City Committee, CPN Maoist Banepa City Committee, National Democratic Party, Banepa City Committee, CPN Unified Socialist Banepa City Committee, Nepal Samajwadi Party Banepa City Committee, Rashtriya Jan Morcha, Kavre District Committee, Nepal Mazdar Kisan Party Banepa Nagar Committee highly appraised the contribution made by Mukesh Kayastha and issued a collective statement to declare him a martyr.

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