Arju Rana Deuba reached the cyber bureau of the police


Nepali Congress leader Dr. Arju Rana Deuba has submitted an application to the Cyber ​​Bureau of Nepal Police, demanding an investigation into the audio that linked her name to the fake Bhutanese refugee case.

Claiming that the audio recording of the fake Bhutanese refugee, who has no connection and knowledge with her, is a fake, where the audio recording was recorded, how, by whom and for what purpose, she has demanded that the culprits be punished.

She has named the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Office, the Parliament Secretariat, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Police Headquarters in her petition.

Arju, who is also a member of the House of Representatives, gave the application to the Bureau:

Date : 2080/01/27

Mr. Chief,
Nepal Police Cyber ​​Bureau Bhotahiti, Kathmandu

Subject: In relation to publicizing the truth about the audio and taking necessary action.

Where, how, who and for what purpose was the audio record of the conversation about the fake Bhutanese refugee, which I have nothing to do with and have no information about, published in various media. I have submitted this report so that strict action should be taken accordingly.

I request to take action as soon as possible according to the demand of the petitioner. I have also submitted the audio recording.

Dr. Arju Rana Deuba Member, House of Representatives
and Central Member, Nepali Congress

Mr. Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Office,
Mr. Parliament Secretariat
Mr. Ministry of Home Affairs
Mr. Police Head Office

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