Imran Khan’s arrest has a direct impact on education, all educational institutions in Pakistan are closed

Islamism. Government and private educational institutions have been closed in Pakistan due to the violence that broke out after the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

After the army arrested him from the biometric room of the Islamabad High Court on Tuesday, his supporters staged arson and violent protests across the country.

Similarly, the army said that he was arrested in the Maran Al Qadir Trust scam case. According to the Pakistani newspaper The Dawn, the Al Qadir Trust scam is a scam worth more than 50 billion rupees, where Imran, his wife Bushra Bibi and Bushra’s friend Farah Gogi have benefited from it.

In a rally on Sunday, Imran made very serious allegations against Faisal Naseer, the head of the political wing of the intelligence agency ISI. Khan said – Faisal wants to kill me. Some officials are helping him in this.

After this, before leaving Lahore for Islamabad on Tuesday, Imran said – ‘The army should open its ears and listen, I am not afraid.’ About 4 hours after he said this, he was arrested by breaking the glass from the biometric room of the Islamabad High Court. Khan is believed to have been arrested only after challenging the army.

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