Indecent behavior of MP Amresh

Kathmandu. Independent Member of the House of Representatives, Amresh Kumar Singh, did an inhuman act in the House of Representatives meeting on Monday. In the House of Representatives meeting, Singh showed indecent behavior by taking off his clothes while he was not allowed to speak.

Speaker Devraj Ghimire ruled that after Singh behaved indecently in the House. MP Singh took off his clothes complaining that he wanted to speak against corruption but Speaker Ghimire did not give him time. Other MPs were shocked when MP Singh took off the clothes above his waist and became semi-naked saying that he did not have time to speak.

After showing Singh’s indecent behavior, Speaker Ghimire reminded the section ‘d’ of rule 21 of the rules. In the said rule, it is mentioned that rude, obscene, insulting, objectionable words or speaking in a way that is contrary to public manners or morals and speaking in a way that insults any person, caste, religion, language or gender or affects in any other way and unparliamentary words should not be used.

Speaker Ghimire issued a warning in accordance with rule 30 of the same rules when MP Singh continued to appear naked despite repeated warnings from the speaker. Following the warning, Amresh put on the clothes he had taken off.

According to rule 30, the Speaker can warn members who behave indecently to control their behavior. After receiving a warning, such a member must control his behavior immediately. Otherwise, the speaker could order him to leave the meeting room as per Rule 31. There was a provision that in case of non-compliance, they could be kicked out with the help of the dignitary. It is mentioned in the regulations that MPs removed in that way cannot participate in the meeting for 3 days. By following the rules, he avoided further action.

The parliamentarians said that the indecent act of the responsible member who came to the parliament to formulate the policy has damaged the parliamentary dignity. His behavior has increased the danger of citizens’ dissatisfaction with the parliamentary system and harming the dignity of the country.

Meanwhile, a complaint has been filed in the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority against MP Amresh Kumar, who took off his clothes and became half-naked in Parliament. Vikas Thakur of Sarlahi has filed a complaint with the authority along with the details of the assets. It has been mentioned that the wealth of Singh, who has no profession or business other than politics, has increased unexpectedly. It is mentioned in the complaint that his ancestral property is one and a half acres of land and a motorcycle, and that he earned crores after joining politics.

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