Sometimes I fought, sometimes I remained silent, now I am too much: Gagan Thapa


Nepali Congress General Minister Gagan Kumar Thapa has expressed his anger towards the working style of the party leadership.

On Sunday evening, he announced his views through the social network Facebook, and said that the leadership, the party and the system are still not working.

He said that he could not bear it anymore, saying that he kept silent many times and reminded his friends.

‘Sometimes I didn’t understand the process, sometimes the methodology, I didn’t like the decisions, I didn’t get admission for the subjects I put in, many times I felt like resisting, but every time I thought,’ Thapa said, ‘I am sitting with responsibility, there is a limit. That’s why sometimes I kept silent and sometimes I kept my opinion and stance inside, I fought, I reminded my friends, but now it’s too much!’

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