Any kind of siege will be faced if the working people are with the oppressed masses: Prime Minister


Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that he will face any kind of pressure, threats and siege in his campaign to maintain good governance.

He said this while addressing the sixth national conference of Nepal Dalit Liberation Front held in the capital today.

He said, ‘For a long time, the situation of Nepal has become a situation of economic crisis due to wrong policies, traditions, customs, working style and mainly corruption.’

He mentioned that it is a serious and complex battle to maintain good governance and said that initial steps have been taken for that. He said, ‘It is easy to say that maintaining good governance is as challenging as it is. As soon as we say good governance, it is related to controlling corruption.’ The Prime Minister said that from the first day he came to the leadership of the government, he has put forward three words as the priority of the government. He said, ‘I said that first social justice, second good governance and third prosperity will be the highest priority of the government.’

Recalling the movement against regression, the Prime Minister said, ‘Parliament was dissolved twice. That was not the dissolution of parliament, that was the dissolution of the constitution. It was a conspiracy to reverse the achievements of thousands of sacrifices. Shortly after that, after lakhs of people came to Kathmandu not once, but thrice, their regressive conspiracies were defeated, the Nepali people won again, we won again.’

The Prime Minister mentioned that the Dalit community was at the forefront of political change and played a role in making the revolution a success. But today, efforts are being made to reverse the change. There is a conspiracy to reverse the constitutional rights of Dalits. The special rights given to Dalits are not a gift from the upper class. It is a right that Dalits have fought for themselves.’

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