Luxembourg Minister’s Visit to Bethanchok (with photos)


The Minister of Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs of the same country, Franz Fayot, has observed the satisfaction of the citizens and the impact of the project on the participation of Luxembourg in various projects of Bethanchok Rural Municipality of the district.

In Bethanchok Rural Development Organization, construction of school buildings, commercial production and marketing of agricultural and fruits by establishing cooperatives, and climate adaptation programs are being conducted with the support of the rural municipality. Minister Franz Fayot said that he will coordinate with the rural municipality to develop Bethanchok as a mini Luxembourg. “I will coordinate to provide the necessary support to Bethanchok, which has a beautiful and good environment,” Minister Franz Fayot said. Minister Franz Fayot said that since the northern part of Luxembourg is also a place where potatoes and other vegetables are produced like Bethanchok, Bethanchok can also be developed in the field of agricultural production.

Village Chairman Bhagwan Adhikari appreciated the work done by Luxembourg country in coordination with AEIN Luxembourg and requested Minister Fayot for the continuation of the work and additional programs. “Bethanthok is a municipality suitable for agriculture and tourism in terms of climate and environment” – the presiding officer said – “We will coordinate with Luxembourg and various agencies for the development of the municipality.” With the help of AEIN Luxembourg, the rural women’s vegetable and fruit cooperative organization in Bethanchok Rural Municipality was provided with transport vehicles for the transportation of vegetables and fruits. The vehicle has been put into operation as a ‘Vegetable and Fruit’ ambulance for transporting fresh vegetables and fruits. With the aim of empowering women and cultivating entrepreneurs for self-sufficiency, various programs have been started in Bethanchok Rural Municipality through cooperatives. Minister Franz Fayot inquired about the achievements made through the cooperative, the experiences of the share members and their products. Minister Franz Fayot went to the farmer’s house and got information about farming, commercial farming, agriculture and animal husbandry. President Vimala Adhikari said that AEIN Luxembourg has provided 25 lakh 80 thousand for the vehicles purchased for transporting vegetables.

Geeta Sharma, President of Rural Development Organization, said that since 2050, the organization has been continuously carrying out various programs to make life easier for citizens in rural areas. “Since the establishment of the organization, work has been done in the areas of drinking water, education, environment and agriculture and animal husbandry in Bethanchok and other municipalities” – President Sharma said – “In coordination with various donor agencies and in collaboration with the three levels of government of Nepal, Kavrepalanchok, Solukhumbu, Bhatpur, Dolakha, Gulmi, Gorkha, Lalitpur” Actions have been taken in the interest of the citizens even in the case of earthquake and corona disaster in other districts. Chairman Sharma said that the programs currently running in various wards of Bethanchok have made the daily life of the rural citizens more comfortable. The cooperative, which was established on 1st Baisakh 2078, has 1,077 members. 28 lakh 86 thousand 300 share capital, 26 lakh 2 thousand 224 total savings, 34 lakh 40 thousand capital grants, 96 lakh 12 thousand 188 total transactions, invested 6632 thousand 330 loans at 10 percent interest is Through the Rural Development Organization, 1,000 kiwi plants have been distributed to 41 houses, 1,600 lemon trees to 69 houses, and 310 walnut trees to 31 houses. For organic vegetable production, IPM Farmer School has been conducted and training required for organic pesticide production has been provided. 5,000 grass plants have been distributed for animal husbandry. Plants of grass such as Hatippaile, Gowan, Nimaro, Hadeokhar, Cumin etc. have been provided.

The program of 35 plastic tunnels, 42 sheds improvement, 60 houses construction of karesabari, 4 houses dung gas, 60 plants irrigation through permanent water pond has been completed. From which 20 families have benefited. Climate adaptation programs have been conducted in different wards of Bethanchok. Dean Timalsina, Executive Director of the Rural Development Organization, said that the program was conducted in four years in which 497 households of the village were directly affected. Rachna Shrestha, the founder of the organization, said that transportation is important in the economic empowerment of women. He said that when the produced vegetables and fruits are delivered directly to the market, there is no fear of being cheated by middlemen and it is easy to do business in cash. Shrestha said that this will end the situation where middlemen take loans while purchasing goods, in some cases do not even give the proper price of the goods and do not even give money after taking the goods. Parvati Sapkota, the director of the organization, said that to market the produced materials, to build a nursery for the production of vegetables, to establish a community seed bank, to provide knowledge and skills training, to expand commercial farming for women farmers, to make poor women independent, to develop leadership and personality, vegetables And he said that necessary support is expected to establish a cold store for fruits and make a model village.

Similarly, Minister Franz Fayot inspected the newly constructed building of Kaper Basic School Bethanchok 5 Kamidanda. Even though the school building was damaged by the earthquake of Baisakh 12, 2072, it was not rebuilt. The building costing 1 crore 27 lakh 80 thousand was built by the combination of rural municipality, ward office and rural development organization. With the construction of a 6-storey concrete building with two floors, it has become easier for children to get an education. “Education quality does not mean building a building” – the executive director of the organization, Dean Timalsina said – “Teachers, parents, students and local government should play an important role in building a model school.” Timalsina said that the rural development organization in Bethanchok rural municipality has carried out women’s empowerment through social mobilization, availability of vehicles for transportation of vegetables produced by the cooperative, distribution of tablets to schools for the all-round development of children, implementation of various climate adaptation programs and construction of sheds, water ponds, etc. done

Ramesh Twayna, representative of Nepal for Luxembourg, Prem Bahadur Timalsina, current president of Bethanchok rural municipality, ward presidents, teachers and students of various schools participated in the program.

Similarly, Minister Franz Fayot has inquired about the tablets handed over to the primary level children of the age group of 6 to 10 years who study in Parvati Secondary School and the achievements that will be made from it. Representatives from Luxembourg provided 8 tablets for the children studying at Parvati Secondary School Bethanchok. “In our country, the learning of many children has become easier by using this app on the tablet” – Representative Franco said – “In order to make the learning of children easier in Nepal, the app has been made available for the use of children in the age group of 6 to 10 years through tablets.” Headmaster Govind Sharma said that it is easy to teach math education in a technology-friendly way through the app by using a tablet in the classroom. 130 children will use tablets.

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