Sundeep Lapamchhane in the Bench of Writ Judge Khatiwada


Cricketer Sandeep Lamichhane, who has been accused of raping a minor, is going to hear a petition in the Supreme Court demanding that he be allowed to go abroad to play cricket.

According to the Supreme Court’s website, Lamichhane’s writ has come before the bench of Justice Ishwar Khatiwada. Today there are 15 writs in the bench of Judge Khatiwada. Among them, Lamichhane’s writ is the last.

Under the ICC World Cricket League (2), the Nepali team is going to the UAE for the one-day series against the UAE and PNG on Saturday 9th.

Sandeep, who was accused of raping a minor, was released from jail on a bond of 20 lakhs by the Patan High Court, barring him from going abroad. The case against him is pending in District Court Kathmandu.

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