Removing unauthorized police bits

Kathmandu. Kathmandu Metropolitan City has prepared to remove 20 police posts built by occupying roads and road boxes. Kampa police had been searching for police posts built on the roads and road boxes for two weeks. During that time, 20 police bits were found to be constructed against the standards.

Earlier, the temporary police bit on the road box at Maitidevi Chowk was removed. Kampa Police Chief Superintendent Rajunath Pandey informed that during the removal of the structures built by the roads and streets, Kampa Police Bits were found to be built on the roads and fields in various areas.

Kampa police chief Pandey handed over the report with photographs to police spokesperson Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Poshraj Pokharel a few days ago. Kampa police chief Pandey said that after receiving the opinion of the police headquarters on the report, a decision will be taken regarding the removal of the police bit.

Kampa Police formed a special team and after a long study, prepared a report stating that 20 police posts were built in Kathmandu illegally and those posts should be removed immediately.

According to the report with photos prepared by Kampa, the Police Bits in the road box and road pitch within the Kampa area include Kampa-4 Bit in front of the Prime Minister’s Residence at Walubatar, Kampa-9 Traffic Bit in front of Tribhuvan International Airport, Kampa-22 New Road Peopleboat, Kampa-27 at Asan Chowk, Kampa-29 Rudramati. Marg, Kampa-21 Lagan and Kampa 20 Bits in Chinkmugal.

Similarly, Kampa-18 Tamsipakha bit, Kampa-17 Dhobichaur and police bit at Dhalko, Kampa-26 Samakhusi river sloping site bit, Kampa-13 Tahachal bit, Kampa-16 Machhapokhari, Kampa 32 herb and Pepsicola chowk bit, Kampa- The police post at 9 Sinamangal Chowk, the police post in front of Kampa-6 Buddhist Police Circle and the police post at Chuchchepati and the police post at Ratopul are mentioned in the report.

When Kapama was removing other structures on the road, after receiving a complaint that the police beat was causing problems to the road box, the Kampa police searched for the police beat built by mixing the road and the road box. When I tried to get information from Nepal Police spokesperson DIG Pokharel, I could not get in touch with him.

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