National consensus should be reached on the President: General Secretary Gurung


General Secretary of CPN (Maoist Center) Deb Gurung has said that efforts to gather national consensus on the presidential election are continuing.

In an interview conducted by Rafat Sanchar Club in Bhaktapur on Thursday, Gurung said that the parties that can gather national consensus on the Prime Minister should also gather national consensus on the President. He said that although the nature of the coalition may change for the change of government, if national consensus is not reached in the presidential election, Nepal will become a playground for foreigners and will go towards disaster.

Gurung emphasized on the need to select a common person of all parties along with the president, the defender of the constitution and the protector of the republic that has changed in the country, as well as the defender of national independence.

Gurung stressed that the politics of consensus should be continued instead of the politics of prohibition, as the parties themselves are striving to become countries like Afghanistan and Ukraine, where the growing political unhealthy competition and the politics of prohibition of the parties have continued.

Gurung said that the plans to end the republic by remaining in the government are out of the question, and he said that the behavior of Durga Prasai, a central member of CPN (UML), in Jhapa indicated this.

According to Gurung, RSVP Chairman Ravi Lamichhane’s request for the Ministry of Home Affairs without coming to the full text of the court is also a violation of the constitution.

Gurung said that the government’s failure to pay attention to the statement made by the former king Gyanendra in violation of the constitution and that the group of those who continue to stay in the government will overthrow the republic sooner or later, Gurung said, should pay attention to this in time.

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