Vyasacharya at the age of 16

‘Success comes only through continuous practice. As a result of that sadhana and strong will power, today I am confidently sitting in Vyasana and reciting Srimad Bhagwat Mahapuran.’ This is the statement of the couple Kishore Adhikari of Morang’s Patharishanishchare-1. The couple, who have just crossed the age of 16, have established themselves as ‘Bal Vyasacharya’. He has successfully demonstrated his erudition by reciting the story in a melodious voice along with the recitation of Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran held at Swagriha since last January 29th.

Yugalkishore was born on 29th Baisakh 2063, who is studying science group in class 11 at a local Panchayat secondary school. Yugalkishore, the eldest son of the young philosopher Acharya Pandit Kevalkrishna Adhikari and mother Lakshmidevi Khanal Adhikari, has achieved success through constant practice under the inspiration of his father.

Bal Vyasacharya Adhikari said – ‘In Bhagwat Kathachan, which I started with the inspiration of my father, I have basically presented parables by coordinating knowledge and science for human welfare. Pandit Deepak Parajuli of Dharan has also facilitated me along with my father.’ In the online class on Bhagavat conducted by Pandit Parajuli, the young couple enthusiastically participated and gained more knowledge. Father Pt. Kevalkrishna informed.

Now the couple has become able to recite more than 10 chapters of Bhagavata in 1 hour. Similarly, according to the order of the daily plot, they are able to analyze the story by arranging the context and explaining it clearly. Even before reciting the Bhagavata Purana by sitting in Vyasana, he had acquired knowledge of rituals, grammar and astrology.

He studied mainly rituals and grammar in the local Vishwanath Sanskrit Gurukul for seven years from 2069. At the same time Adhikari also acquired deep knowledge of religious texts like Rudri, Durga Saptashati (Chandi), Gita, Vedas and Lagusiddhanta Kaumudi. He acquired the knowledge of astrology from Mawla’s grandfather Kulchandra Khanal (Budhbare, Jhapa). During the corona period, he studied Sanskrit grammar with K.N. He enthusiastically participated in the online classes conducted by Swami. Yugalakishore, who is able to make a general recognition in astrology and do its best, has said that he earned a lot of income from the same work even during the lockdown.

A couple who are experts in Nepali, English and Sanskrit languages, formally started their school education from the local New Pegoda English residential school. Tika Prasad Dangal, director of the school, who studied there till class 10, always excelled in studies. Director Dangal said – ‘Yugalkishor is one of the students who become synonymous with Pagoda’s pride, it is difficult to express their versatility in one sentence.’ Yugalkishore, a scholar of Eastern knowledge and philosophy, is currently studying regularly in class 11 under the science subject group at the local Panchayat Mavi.

Buddhinath Adhikari, co-principal of the school informed that he is studying physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics as optional subjects. According to the co-principal officer, along with studies, he is also an excellent student in Vakkala. According to Arjun Kumar Budhathoki, the headmaster of the school and the Nepal Teachers Federation, Patharishanishcharey City Committee Chairman, who excelled in various extra competitions as well.

In 2075, Yugalkishore not only became the first in the district-level Attendance Waf competition organized by the Private and Residential School Organization Nepal (Pabson) Morang, but also in the year 2075 and 2076 in the oratory competition organized by the local Lord Buddha Sakos. He won the first place in the municipal level rhetoric competition organized by Pabson Patharishanishare in the year 2076. He has also been awarded in competitions such as online knowledge platform.

Mother Lakshmidevi Khanal informed that the couple has received more than 2 dozen awards from various level competitions till date.

Couple of teenagers have changed our traditional mind that only in the youth which is considered as an indicator of maturity, a person can recite and read stories from Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran for a week.

Similarly, it is believed that Yugal Kishore has become an exemplary character to remove the narrow-minded thinking prevalent in Nepali society that only those who study in Indian universities become scholars.

Acharya Pandit Sitaram Timsina, a member of the South Asian Astrology Association, said – ‘I am also a Pandit who did not go to Kashi or Vrindavan, and I am very happy that Yugal Kishore has also become a Pandit through the sophisticated form of Gulukulia education system.’

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