Night flights from Pokhara now, a challenge in passenger management


From Pokhara, there will be flights even during the night. After the construction of the new airport, it will be operated at night. At the Pokhara Regional International Airport, which has been operating since January 1, currently Buddha, Yeti, Shree, Sourya, Shree, Guna and other airlines are making domestic flights during the day.

Although domestic flights start in the morning, the airport has to be closed at 4 pm, but after night flights, the airport’s operating hours will increase. The night flight will start from 25th of February. Dhanraj Acharya, Mayor of Pokhara Metropolitan City, said that there will be flights from Pokhara Airport even at night. Speaking at an interaction program held at Pokhara Metropolitan City on Thursday, he said that now a new dimension will be added to Pokhara’s tourism and said that although there will be night flights, there is still confusion about international flights. He emphasized that the people of Pokhara should now put pressure on the federal government for international flights. ‘Now Pokhara is ready in all respects, it will only have to go to the empty management area. Pokhara is a safe place in every way. Now the illusion that Pokhara is unsafe must be broken. He said, “We are ready in all respects, but for international flights, we need to draw the attention of the center.” .

The head of Pokhara Airport, Vikram Gautam, said that Pokhara is safe as the bird strikes the plane. He said that bird hitting the plane is not a new thing and said that such incidents are happening at the international level. He also stressed on the need to stop throwing sand in rivers and canals to reduce bird collisions. According to him, the bird died not only in the ship but also due to other reasons. According to him, death occurs due to bird strike, due to the wind coming behind the aircraft and also due to jet blast. In such a situation, the bird will not hit the plane. It is an event caused by the high velocity wind thrown by the aircraft. He said that they are also sensitive about birds and for this it is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness of the river. Anandraj Mulmi, an expert on Pokhara, said that even though Pokhara has night flights, there will be problems with night transportation, food and accommodation for the tourists coming here. He said that there is no need to be happy because the flight was at night. There was an airport in Pokhara before. The airport was not built. We wanted to build an international airport, but the structure that should be built internationally has not been built,’ he said, ‘where is the airport here? How easy is it to get to the destination after getting off the ship? Dropping the ship is not enough. It is necessary to manage food accordingly.’

He clarified that even at the airport, the work was completed from the outside, but it was not yet completed from the inside. When he asked airport chief Vikram Gautam to understand something about the gate and internal structure of the airport, Gautam told him that he was planning. He also said that he will not be able to board until the jet plane arrives at the airport, which is the only one in Nepal, and if he is not able to board, there will be no reason for it. ‘Some more structure needs to be built. It is only what it looks like outside. We have an arrow bridge here. You need a jet plane to climb it. When to board the jet plane to board the Arrow Bridge.’ He said that because there is more misinformation about Pokhara, there is also a huge loss in the tourism business. Accusing Nepal of playing the game of commission while buying large ships, it also said that it does not want to move forward with the plan of a new location for the route coming from India. He said that the European countries have also been involved in this matter. As the airport has passed the maturity period, Buddha is going to start night flights from March 9th. Buddha will fly till 8 pm. Earlier, the Civil Aviation Authority had announced that international flights will be started from Pokhara International Airport from February 23. Although the authority said that the night flights will start from the same day, the schedule has not been made public yet.

With this, the maturity period of the airport for night and international flights is reached. Flight certified Nepal Civil Aviation Authority has given permission to fly at night after checking the check. After the accident of Yeti Airlines plane near the international airport on January 1st, there was confusion about whether or not to fly. With the publication of Buddha’s schedule, Pokhara’s tourism businessmen are excited. They expressed their belief that the arrival of tourism will also increase with night flights. Just a few days ago, a vulture crashed into Buddha Air in the sky of Pokhara.

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