Proposal of ‘Hindurashtra’ in ‘Mission Grassroots’

Hetaunda The Makwanpur district committee meeting held to make the ‘Mission Grassroots’ campaign a success was held under the chief hospitality of CPN (UML) standing committee member Kashinath Adhikari.

The campaign will be concluded on 6th of Baisakh, in which the leaders of Central, State, District and Municipal Committees will also participate. The meeting decided that the campaign will reach people’s doorsteps, renew the membership, distribute and streamline the party committee.

In the meeting, a proposal has been submitted for discussions on maintaining Hindu Rashtra, making Nepal a peace zone, making proportional and reservation on class basis, investigating the assets of leaders and others who have been in positions of profit since the Panchayat period, uniting enemies and friends of UML and clarifying the strategy at that time.

Central Building and Environment Department Member, Makwanpur District Committee Secretariat Member, Propaganda Department Head and Progressive Professional Lawyers Association Central Member Dhruv Prasad Choulagai submitted as a proposal to the party district committee meeting that the future politics of Nepal will be focused on these issues. He demanded that these proposals be discussed in the central committee through the party district committee and campaigners assigned to the campaign from the center and draw a conclusion.

According to the proposal presented in the meeting, the central committee meeting of CPN-UML said that the organization strengthening campaign to be conducted under the ‘Mission Grassroots’ campaign is very important, although various struggles and sacrifices were made for the republic before 2046, but now the republic has been achieved and it is institutionalized, rather than towards achieving the main goal of the 2046 movement. He mentioned that since there is a suspicion of loss of achievement, there should be a discussion to make a clear opinion in this regard.

All religions have been respected by being secular in Nepal’s constitution. However, while maintaining the secularism in the constitution in general, to make Nepal a religious tourist country for the Hindus of the world, let’s discuss that Nepal should be declared a Hindu nation with secularism, as no one will be affected by making it a religious tourist country for the world’s Hindus.

Landlocked Nepal is unable to wage war with two powerful neighboring countries and other countries, so 130 countries have approved the proposal of the then King Birendra to declare Nepal a peace zone. A discussion has been requested on the matter.

‘The proportional and reservation system in the constitution has not been able to absorb the spirit of the constitution. Communists are to protest and struggle for class upliftment, not caste. Therefore, there is class in all castes. At present, there is a situation where the classes are being exploited in the name of reservation and proportionality. It is mentioned in the proposal that it is necessary to distribute reservation and proportional opportunities on the class basis of the common people because the poor, proletariat and economically weaker sections have never been able to get opportunities.

Chaunlagai has mentioned that while opportunities are being provided to relatives and close relatives in the name of reservation and proportionality, while proportionality and reservation are being mocked, there is a need for the initiative of reservation and proportional quota determination on the basis of class.

Generally, due to the unexpected financial progress of some people who reached political leadership after the year 2046, it is said that politics is a service or a means of earning money. He believes that if concrete steps are taken in this direction, a positive message will be sent to the general public, saying that it is necessary to grow.

All kinds of opportunities are discussed in the party and the need and proportional distribution is why is it lost? After reaching the position, giving priority to relatives and close ones, and providing opportunities many times, why did it not be discussed in the party? What is the point of not appreciating the selfless workers and leaders in the party? A discussion has also been requested on when to develop an institutional mechanism to provide opportunities for these issues based on party decisions and needs in the future.

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