The ruling coalition is pushing the country towards disaster: Kamal Thapa

Butwal. Kamal Thapa, President of Rashtriya Prajatantra Party Nepal, said that the coalition led by CPN (UML) is unnatural and unholy, as there are parties with different views on both sides.

In the current power alliance, those who want to throw the king, who say they will bring the king, who say that federalism is not needed, who want federalism and who carry the agenda of Hinduism and secularism are sitting together. This alliance is even more unholy.

He says that this has pushed the country towards an accident. Speaking at an interview program organized by the Reporters Club Nepal Lumbini Province in Butwal on Wednesday, Thapa said that the people’s movement of 2063 and every activity since then has not experienced peace and prosperity in the country, so there should be a debate about alternatives.

He said that even after 18 years of the movement to overthrow the monarchy, the people did not get the desired peace and prosperity and pointed out that the current political system, form of government and national structure should be reconsidered in the country.

He said that the alliance was given a mandate by the people before the election, but that alliance broke up after the election and a new alliance was formed for the interests of power, saying that dirty political games are being played in the country.

Chairman Thapa stated that the country’s economy is becoming very weak, lack of liquidity and rising prices, but the government is busy maintaining power, and said that the country is now running only on remittances.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Thapa said that the person who will be the next president should not do things according to political interests and said that because the president showed selfishness, the tension between the parties increased.

Stating that the parties themselves are guilty of increasing foreign interference in the country, Chairman Thapa advised the parties to be aware of the country’s self-respect.

Speaking on the question of Durga Prasai standing in favor of the monarchy and Hindu Rashtra, Thapa stated that they are also in favor of Hindu Rashtra and claimed to give moral support to the person who raised his voice on the issue of Hindu Rashtra. The program was held under the chairmanship of Reporters Club Lumbini State President Ram Kumar Chhetri.

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