‘Madhavji did not say anything about President’s proposal in the meeting’: Leader Khanal


The CPN United Socialist Party (NCP S) has said that the chapter is closed on this issue as it has not offered the presidency to anyone from the party.

After the secretariat meeting held at the party office in Andanagar, respected leader of CPN-S, Jhalnath Khanal, said that since no one has made a proposal for the president, the chapter is closed on the matter.

“In the secretariat meeting, President Madhav Kumar Nepal briefed about the current situation and the meeting with the leaders, nothing was said about the presidential proposal, so we have to understand that this is just a rumour,” Khanal said after the meeting, “No party has made a proposal regarding the presidential election, this chapter is closed.” .

According to him, it has been decided to discuss the issue of nationalism with all the parties in the parliament.

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