Presidential election: ‘UML’s proposal to Nepal is a new challenge’

Kathmandu. Nepal Communist Party (UML) has proposed Madhav Kumar Nepal for the presidency, CPN (Unified Socialist) termed as UML’s new ‘deceit’. UML President KP Sharma claimed that there was no discussion with Samajwadi Party President Mavadh Kumar Nepal and commented that Oli has played a new ‘trick’ after the United Samajwadi Party together with its ruling partners and opposition parties did not give the President to UML.

Jagannath Khatiwada, Deputy General Secretary and Spokesperson of the United Socialist Party, told Nepal Newspaper – ‘KP Oli’s name is a new trap that he has opened himself since he will not be the president. Oli has only campaigned without finding anything after going to Khatpati. I cannot believe one percent that Oli will propose Madhav Nepal as president.’ Insisting that if Oli had really made the proposal, President Nepal should discuss it in the party meeting, he claimed that the discussion said to have taken place between UML President Oli and the President of United Samajwadi Party of Nepal was just rumours.

Khatiwada also claimed that UML did not propose party unity, saying that UML did not accept the unified socialists as a party, regarding the proposal of the president with party unity to Nepal.

As the date of the presidential election approaches, the political parties participating in the parliament are covered by the chatter of candidate management and inter-party cooperation. Especially the parties participating in the power equation and the main opposition party, Nepali Congress, have seen the election conflict. As it seems almost certain that the power partner parties will not be able to stay together in terms of the presidential election, the top leaders are trying to attract possible smaller parties to their side.

The ruling party CPN (Maoist Center), which has been moving forward with the common consensus presidential agenda since the past, said that they cannot give the president to the UML, and the UML has suddenly increased. The news broke that UML President Oli had proposed Madhav Nepal to become the President, with the Maoists indicating that they would not cooperate with the UML, which was unable to decide who to make a candidate from within the party. The United Socialist Party has said that it is communicating with all parties except the UML regarding the appointment of President Afu.

Not thinking about becoming president: Madhav Kumar Nepal

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Madhav Kumar Nepal, president of the United Samajwadi Party, himself said that he was not thinking about becoming the president. He reached Dang and commented that everything that came in the media is not true and said – ‘I have not thought about what I will do. Even our party has not thought about what to do.’ Regarding UML President Oli’s proposal as a presidential candidate, Nepal said – ‘Not all the things in the press are true. Let’s hear what different parties are speculating, we should not be in a hurry to speak now. It should be allowed to stay inside the screen, stay inside the screen.’

Nepal is of the opinion that it is a different thing to wish for a president, but the role of his party should be played in power distribution, he said – ‘We cannot always sacrifice for others, others take advantage.’ He said that he had a conversation with the Congress and the Maoist Center before the election about the post of President. Nepal also said that at that time Congress-Maoist agreed that they had put forward some names.

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