The presidential candidate will be made from the ruling coalition party: UML Secretary Aryal


CPN-UML Central Committee Secretary and Gandaki Province In-Charge Aryal has said that he will be a candidate from within the current ruling coalition party in the upcoming presidential election.

Secretary Aryal said this while speaking at a press conference held in Beni, Myagdi headquarters, about the mission grassroots campaign launched by UML with the basic slogan of ‘defeat right-wing opportunism and organizational anarchy, build the foundation of socialism under the guidance of Jawaj’.
Secretary Aryal, speaking at a press conference organized by the Publicity and Publication Department of CPN-UML District Committee Myagdi and Press Chautari Nepal District Branch Myagdi, claimed to be a presidential candidate from the ruling coalition party. He also warned that the government led by Prachanda will collapse if the current ruling coalition does not become the president according to the agreement reached before the formation of the government.

Secretary Aryal said that Prime Minister Prachanda should not accept the issue of national consensus for the presidential candidate and said that the CPN-Maoist Center and Prime Minister Prachanda are aware of the complications of making the president from outside the ruling coalition party. He said that there is no need to doubt that he will become the presidential candidate from the alliance party and said that there is no problem within the alliance as was rumored in the media and outside.

Secretary Aryal, who was also the former Minister of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation, said that the current government’s efforts to improve the country’s worsening economic situation in a short period of its formation have been positive. He said that the continuation of the current ruling coalition is a national need now that the efforts of the current government have started to improve the economic situation, and the private sector and common citizens are excited. He said that the current government’s efforts to improve the economy have been successful despite the fact that the previous government was deteriorating and leading to despair.

Secretary Aryal informed that the mission was conducted as a grassroots campaign for two months to end the right-wing opportunism and organizational anarchy which are the challenges of the UML party. He said that the main objective of the grassroots campaign is to make the leaders and workers free from opportunism through party training and to educate those who work beyond the rules and regulations of the party at the first stage and if they do not improve, other options will be adopted.

The UML District Committee Myagdi in conjunction with the District Party School Department gathered and trained the people’s representatives and leading workers elected from the UML at the local level in Beni on Monday and Tuesday. UML Central Secretary Aryal, Politburo Member Mana KC, Central Member Bhagwati Neupane, Chandramohan Gauchan, Gandaki State Committee President Navraj Sharma and Secretary Dhananjay Dawadi also gave training in speech to the gathering.

Devendra Bahadur KC, president of UML Myagdi, said that as part of the UML’s mission grassroots campaign that started in Myagdi from Tuesday, plans have been made to organize meetings and trainings to strengthen the organization at the municipal, ward and tol levels, to renew and expand the membership of the party, to organize meetings of grassroots organizations and to mobilize leaders and workers up to the tol and village levels.

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