The issue of appointment of Chief Justice will be concluded soon: Prime Minister Prachanda


Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that he will discuss the issue of appointment of the Chief Justice and bring it to a conclusion soon.

During the meeting with the team led by Nepal Bar Association President Gopalkrishna Ghimire at the Prime Minister’s Office in Baluwatar today, he said that since the issue of appointment of the Chief Justice is serious, it will be discussed and concluded soon.

Bar President Ghimir requested the Prime Minister to proceed with the recommendation process for the appointment of the Chief Justice.

He demanded that the process be brought to an early conclusion as the Chief Justice in the Supreme Court and judges in the High Court were vacant, which affected the administration of justice. President Ghimire said that since one year has passed since the court has been operating under permanent tenure, there has been a demand to recommend the appointment of the Chief Justice immediately.

Chief Justice Kamu has been working in the Supreme Court since February 1, 2078. The posts of five judges are vacant in the Supreme Court. In the same way, in many places in the higher education, it is full of sex.

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