Inza Investigative Journalism Award to Dahal and Wagley


The International Network of Nepali Journalists (INJA) has decided to award investigative journalism awards to two journalists this year.

It has been decided to award Matrika Dahal and Tara Wagle, journalists who have been working for a long time in the field of communication.

The award selection committee formed under the coordination of senior journalist Tirtha Koirala has decided to give the award to journalists Dahal and Wagle.

Dahal, an award-winning journalist, started journalism in 2064. He has been writing on good governance, public administration, internal and national security, crime, social public interest and other issues.

He is working in Dibydarshan National Weekly, Rahasya National Weekly, Business Daily, Citizen Daily and currently Kantipur Daily.

Another award-winning journalist, Wagle, has been involved in journalism for the past 15 years. Wagle, a journalist who has been writing about discrimination against women, public administration and other issues, is currently working at through Rajdhani, Nepal Newspaper, Himal Khawar Patrika.

The award of Rs 50,000 will be awarded on March 1, i.e. February 17, the foundation day of the International Network of Nepali Journalists (INJA).

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