The proposal of LOSPA leaders to the Prime Minister to make Mahanth the President


The leaders of the Democratic Socialist Party of Nepal (LOSP) have come out of the mud water by proposing Mahanth Thakur as the future president.

While Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda was raising the issue of consensual presidency, the leaders of LOSPA Nepal reached Waluwatar with an offer to Thakur as the future president.

As the day to register the candidacy for the presidency on February 13 is approaching, the leaders of the political parties reached Waluwater with Thakur as the potential president.

‘We have proposed to the Prime Minister to make Mahanthaji the President,’ leader Sharadsingh Bhandari said, ‘We have also conveyed our conclusion that he is the most suitable person for now.’ According to him, the prime minister replied that the discussions between the political parties for a consensual president are ongoing and no conclusion has been reached.

Leaders including Rajendra Mahato, Sharadsingh Bhandari, Anil Kumar Jha and others reached the Prime Minister’s residence with Thakur.
The LOSPA is going to discuss and discuss with the Nepali Congress after the Maoist Center to make Thakur the common candidate for the President.

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