President Bhandari inaugurated the newly constructed building of Hetauda Hospital


A new building of Hetaunda Hospital under Madan Bhandari Institute of Health Sciences has been inaugurated in Hetaunda. President Bidya Devi Bhandari inaugurated the building. President Bhandari inaugurated the 3-storey building, which was built at a cost of 430 million by the federal government, on Tuesday.

While inaugurating the building, President Bhandari said that the foundation will help implement the right to guaranteed healthcare for citizens in the Constitution of Nepal. He said that it is necessary to develop the health sector for the sake of people’s health, and special initiatives are needed to provide services to patients in Hetaunda and surrounding areas and to produce quality health manpower from the hospital run by the foundation.

He expressed his belief that the foundation will play a role in establishing Ayurveda and alternative medicine to bring the public health program to the doorsteps of the citizens in a planned manner and in the effective implementation of the health insurance program. President Bhandari said that staying physically and mentally fit and positive is health in the real sense.

He said that he was happy that the building was constructed in the memory of public leader Madan Bhandari to provide quality services to the common people.

He mentioned that the Madan Bhandari Institute of Health Sciences, established in the name of public leader Madan Bhandari, should work according to the objective of providing quality services to the public in the field of study, research and health services. He stressed that the role of the three levels of government will be important in strengthening public health services while focusing on population growth and reducing the outbreak of infectious diseases.

Bhandari emphasized that according to the concept of federalism, all the seven provinces of the country should be equipped with facilities. “I believe that Madan Bhandari Institute of Health Sciences will help in obtaining quality health services under the fundamental rights of citizens as provided by the constitution,” he said. He said that the constitution established as a fundamental right to implement the reality that a healthy society, strong economic development, independent self-sufficient and healthy nation can be built only through healthy people.

He said that health research and production of skilled manpower should be absorbed by the state government and local bodies and make the poor citizens confident in the treatment method in the health sector.

Mentioning the need for the establishment to move forward with a new strategy, he suggested that since the infection of diseases such as covid, dengue, cholera has added challenges, experts in the health sector should bring those diseases under control in time.

He said that it is necessary to make health care services available to ordinary citizens immediately under the foundation and produce skilled doctors and health workers as a responsibility to the people.

She said that in order to produce a healthy citizen, children should be fed nutritious food with care from the student level.

Shalikram Jamkattel, chancellor of the foundation and chief minister of Bagmati Province, emphasized that the foundation should play a role in providing health workers in the remote areas of the province. Stating that the state government has built the institution with the aim of creating a good health educational institution within the state, he said that the government is working to improve the quality of health services in Bikat.

‘The need and justification of Madan Bhandari Institute of Health Sciences has increased as the capital of Wagmati Province became Hetaunda. This is the plan of pride of Makwanpur. The citizens of Makwanpure will take the most benefit from its moral development, said the first Chief Minister of the province Dormani Paudel – along with that, citizens of other districts of the province and some districts of the neighboring Madhesh province are also receiving services through the hospital. It is inevitable that all of us should be involved in the development of the hospital, which is gradually becoming equipped with facilities. It is essential that hospital services are efficient and of good quality.

Hetaunda Hospital Development Committee member Utsav Choulagain said that the complaints of lagging behind in health services due to being the capital of the province have been reduced by the expansion of regular services at Hetaunda Hospital. The hospital, which has been treating patients in a narrow space in the old building, said that the treatment service has been effectively advanced by adding more manpower from the new building.

Hospital President Rajesh Prasai informed that the newly constructed building now aims to provide emergency room, OPD service, maternity room, admission of patients affected by various diseases, ICU, ventilator, dialysis, X-ray, state-of-the-art laboratory, pharmacy.

In order to resume kidney transplant, heart and abdominal surgery treatment services in the hospital, Bagmati provincial government and Madan Bhandari Institute of Health Sciences have written to the federal government and related agencies to implement the initiative. Vishwaraj Joshi said.

Vice-Chancellor Joshi informed that Hetaunda Hospital, which was established from 12 beds in 2016, has been upgraded to 22 beds in 2022 and currently 300 beds have been put into operation. According to the hospital, patients from Bagmati Province, Chitwan, Makwanpur, Dhading, Sindhuli and Madhesh Province, including Parsa, Bara, Rautahat, Sarlahi, Mahottari, and other districts come for treatment.

There are 70 beds in the building. Now 200 beds will be in regular operation in Hetaunda Hospital. With the construction of a new hospital building, the hospital’s emergency beds have increased from 8 to 24. There are currently 57 doctors working in the hospital and 38 are specialist doctors.

According to the foundation, there are 19 medical officers, 5 nursing officers, 38 staffers and 200 health personnel working in the hospital. At present, the hospital has 17-bed ICU, 20-bed HDU capacity and 6-bed dialysis service. The name of the hospital has changed after the establishment of Madan Bhandari Institute of Health Sciences by the state government on August 2, 2076, with the aim of providing quality healthcare services.

In order to provide quality and effective health services, the institution has advanced the process of converting the former Hetaunda Hospital to 300 beds and converting it into a teaching hospital.

The federal government entered into a construction contract with BS Construction Company and started the construction of the hospital from August 7, 2076. The hospital was named after the Madan Bhandari Institute of Health Sciences on 2 October 2076 by the Bagmati State Assembly.

Provincial Chief Yadbachandra Sharma, Speaker of Bagmati Province Bhuvan Pathak, Hetaunda Deputy Metropolitan Mayor Meena Lama, Institute Vice-Chancellor and Health Minister Rameshwar Shrestha, Member of the House of Representatives Mahesh Bertaula and Member of the National Assembly Ramchandra Rai were present in the program.

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