The communication sector has not yet realized federalism: President Pokhrel


Vipul Pokhrel, the president of Nepal Journalist Federation, said that the communication sector has not yet realized federalism. He said that even now, due to the laws related to communication, the state has not been able to play the role of guardian for the development of media and journalism at the provincial and local levels.

Speaking at a discussion program on the situation and challenges of journalism in Salyan organized by the Nepal Journalist Federation on Monday, he said that no matter which party forms the government, it has not become friendly to freedom of press and expression. He said that the government could not assume the guardianship of the media sector, saying that the laws made by the state could not assure that the freedom of the press would be ensured. He said that the federation has been raising its voice for years to create a mass media institution, and even though it was included in the government’s budget speech, it has not yet been formed.

He said, “The state has not been able to become our guardian till now, “Let’s not work for our sustainability, let’s not pay attention to the guardianship by making laws related to freedom of the press, the state seems indifferent to the promotion of the media. He said that since the job of providing information to the citizens is the media, in the name of development, it is necessary for the state to invest not only in building physical infrastructure but also for the sustainable development of the communication sector. He urged that the budget allocated for the communication sector should be spent on the media, and that the media should not be seen as a bargaining chip.

President Pokhral said that since various questions have been raised in the society regarding newspapers, the federation is committed to making the profession of journalist professional and dignified, and said that the purification campaign will be conducted. Pokhrel said that journalism is not only about giving and receiving information, but searching for new dimensions.

Chief District Officer Krishna Chandra Paudel said in the program that Salyan’s journalism is clean and dignified, so it should be maintained. He said that since the role of journalists is focused on the development of the district, he will support safe journalism.

Similarly, the former president of Nepal Journalist Federation Ramesh Gautam said that the development in technology has added opportunities and challenges in journalism. He said that the current challenges can be solved by increasing the skills and knowledge, so it is necessary to search for informational topics and take them to the community.

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