Awarded Tailor Badge by Inspector General of Armed Police Aryal

Kathmandu. Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs this February 4
Armed Police Deputy from Senior Superintendent of Armed Police by the decision of
3 of the 4 senior officers who were promoted to the rank of Inspector General
Inspector General of Armed Police Raju Aryal, Armed Police Force Nepal
A tailor’s sign during a ceremony held on February 8 at the head office
Armed Police among the senior officers who are decorated with the Dzryani insignia
Deputy Inspectors General Anjani Kumar Pokhrel, Dipendra Shah and Purushottam
You are Thapa.
After Inspector General of Armed Police Aryal joined the organization in the ceremony
Noting that promotion is important, the position increases with promotion
To discharge the responsibilities more responsibly and with full professionalism
gave instructions.
Armed Police Inspector General Aryal led the financial irregularities
It should be mentioned that even if you make a small mistake in the place of doing it, it is not forgivable
Since all levels of society evaluate the work, organization, profession and
He instructed to be completely loyal and dedicated to the country.
He added to the promoted officers on the basis of knowledge, skill, ability and experience
The Armed Police Force is the first in Nepal
This is a historic one as newly recruited officers have been promoted
He mentioned that he was promoted.
Inspector General of Armed Police Aryal wherever he is in charge
To become a guide and role model in every aspect related to the organization
Noting that the organization has plans for improvement in various aspects
Moved and to carry out such schemes effectively
He instructed the national servants.
He provides services, security, assistance and rescue to the organization
To build a strong security organization through means, everyone has their own level and
Saying that you have to play an important role from Tapka, your professional
Disciplined and fully committed to responsibilities and organization
Must be presented in an honest manner in the field of work
In that event, the president of the Armed Police Family Women’s Association, Smt
Anita Lamichhane Aryal and Additional Inspector General of Armed Police
Narayanadatta Poudel, Chandra Prakash Gautam and Banshiraj Dahal, Armed Police
Officials of Parivar Mahila Sangh including senior members of Armed Police Force of Nepal
Officers, officers and badged soldiers were also present.

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