Paudel and Pradhanang got the first dean. Tuladhar Gold Medal


The first dean established in honor of the late Kulratna Tuladhar, the first dean of the Institute of Engineering Studies. Pulchok Campus student Ashish Paudel and Kantipur Engineering College student Riti Pradhanang have received the Kul Ratna Tuladhar Gold Medal Award.

Paudel passed with the best marks in the postgraduate level of computer system knowledge engineering, while Pradhanang passed with the best marks in the graduate level of computer engineering.

The first dean himself. In memory of Tuladhar, on Monday at Pulchok Engineering Campus premises. Prada Sashidhar Ram Joshi, dean of the Institute of Engineering Studies, handed over gold medals to Poudel and Pradhanang in a program held in front of Tuladhar’s full-sized statue.

Similarly, Assistant Dean Prada Sushil Bahadur Bajracharya, Coordinator of the Medal Committee and younger daughter of Tuladhar himself handed over certificates and Rs. 10,000 to the gold medal winning duo.

In the program, Dean Prada Joshi in the field of engineering and architect education. Remembering Tuladhar’s contribution, he said that he will continue his efforts to further modify and organize the education he has promoted.

Assistant Dean Prada Bajracharya, coordinator of the medal committee, informed that an Akshaya Kosh of 9 lakh rupees has been established in memory of the first dean and the medal is being given from the interest and said that this medal will be very important to encourage students in engineering.

The first dean in the program. Chitrashova Tuladhar, the youngest daughter of Tuladhar, recalled that her father used to supply teachers from India saying that there was a shortage of technical teachers in the engineering study institute and said – ‘Since my father established this institute, I am very happy to see that the number of engineering campuses and engineers is increasing all over the country.’ Panchsheel and Paritran were recited by the monks of the Bhikshu Federation including Kaudanya Bhante.

In 1973, he was appointed as the first dean of the Institute of Engineering Studies. Tuladhar was a post-graduate in tropical architecture from Britain in 1955. He contributed significantly to the design and construction of Tribhuvan Rajpath, the first highway of Nepal built in 1956. Tuladhar has published six books on engineering. He was decorated with the prestigious medal ‘Order of the British Empire’ as well as Gorkha Dakshinabahu I and Trishakti Patta II.

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