President in UML’s birth chart: Oli

Biratnagar. Chairman of CPN-UML KP Sharma Oli has said that the current equation was born and the president will be of CPN-UML. Answering a question asked by a journalist at the Biratnagar airport, he said – ‘It is already decided who will be the president. The current equation was born and written in its birth chart at that time.’

In response to a journalist’s question that Maoist leader Janardan Sharma had said that he did not know that there had been an agreement, Oli said – ‘Where is the agreement with everyone and the Maoist workers walking around agreeing with everyone?’ In response to another journalist’s question that there is a voice that everyone must agree on the president, Oli said – ‘It is true, we choose a candidate, everyone must agree.’ Oli expressed his belief that the CPN-Maoist Center would support the presidential candidate nominated by the UML, saying that the current equation was made after thinking. He also said that he will announce the name of the candidate to be picked by UML on the 13th.

The 13th has been fixed for the nomination of new presidential candidates. Oli has also said that former king Gyanendra Shah is confused. Oli said that as soon as Gyanendra Shah sees 2-4 people around him, his old image comes back and he speaks. ‘Gyanendraji himself is confused, still that old vision keeps coming to him, if he sees 2-4 people around, that vision will become active.’ In response to a question asked by a journalist regarding the proposal of cooperation by former King Gyanendra Shah while wishing him on the Democracy Day, Oli said – ‘Cooperation with whom? Gyanendraji is walking in politics, today he lit the lamp and went to Mechi, it has happened.’ Oli said that it has only been 15 years since the people took over the government and said that things are being settled and work is being done.

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