Expired beer splashes after fake whiskey

Kathmandu. While there is a proliferation of fake alcohol in the market, poor quality and expired beer has also been found. The Department of Commerce, Supply and Consumer Protection has seized a large quantity of fake liquor and low-quality and expired beer from the market.

During the market monitoring conducted by the department, around 3000 cartons of poor quality and expired beer of different brands were found, causing tension in the liquor market. During the season of feasting and high demand from the market, the discovery of fake, low-quality and expired liquor has created panic among the liquor lovers.

Last time, the department said that more than 2,700 cartoons worth lakhs of rupees were seized from the warehouse of Sanskar Traders Pvt Ltd in Sinamangal at Gahrigaon, the warehouse of Sike Trading Pvt Ltd at Sinamangal and the warehouse of Yak Brewery Company Dealer Climax Trading Pvt Ltd at Dhumbarahi. According to the department, after finding brands of beer like Bahrsinge, Mustang, Nepal Ice, Budweiser, Gorkha, etc., they have been sealed in the warehouse and are investigating.

Sources say that the department is investigating from various angles after finding around 3,000 cartons of poor quality and expired beer in three godowns at the same time. The spokesperson of the department, Homnath Bhattai, said that they are investigating what level of businessmen the godown belongs to. He informed that documents such as bills and bills have been requested from the warehouse owners and then further facts will be revealed and the process of destroying the seized liquor will be started. Suspecting that this type of alcohol will continue to exist in the market, the department has also informed that it is searching for it. It is being investigated whether expired beer has been sent to the market with the connivance of the manufacturing company or whether such products are being supplied to the market due to negligence of dealers and wholesalers. According to the source, a separate investigation should be done on how much such poor quality beer is in the market.

Sources say that apart from the department, the police are also investigating this matter with interest. Some ‘clues’ have been found. It is in the process of being ‘fined out’. The network supplying fake and low-quality liquor to the market will soon be exposed’ – said the source.

According to the department, fake, low-quality and expired liquor, beer, soft drinks, especially during banquets, party palaces and night-time hotels and restaurants, are being monitored in their suppliers and warehouses.

Earlier, in more than two dozen operations conducted separately by the Nepal Police and the Revenue Investigation Department, a large quantity of fake liquor of various brands was found in the market. The production and sale of counterfeit alcohol has been going on in the market in such a way as to not only adversely affect human health but also to destroy the revenue and the industry and brand established by investing crores of rupees.

Recently, the special team of the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office raided and seized fake liquor of popular brands in the market. The liquor seized in this way ranges from indigenous brands to foreign brands. The police said that during the raid, a large quantity of fake Goldenwalk, Ruslan Vodka, 8848 Vodka, Rum, Mughlan Whiskey and other brands of liquor were found. Consumers have panicked after finding counterfeit liquor of popular brands and factories producing fake liquor in liquor shops in the valley.

Consumers who have been hearing the news about the deaths of consumers due to fake alcohol in India and border areas have found a factory producing fake alcohol in Kathmandu and branded beer has also expired. The police seized fake liquor worth lakhs from Next Test Liquor Shop in Kupandol, ST Liquor Stores in Gongbu Mitranagar, and found a foreign liquor factory in Tikathali, Lalitpur.

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