The main reason for the collapse of the party is the problem within the party: former Speaker Sapkota


The second session of the Integrated All Nepal Teachers’ Organization Bagmati Province Committee was held in Sindhuli. The session was held under the chairmanship of Shankar Adhikari, the president of the organization and the former Speaker and Vice President of CPN (Maoist Center) Agni Prasad Sapkota as chief guest.

Inaugurating the session, former Speaker Sapkota said that he tried hard to bring the Federal Education Act when he was Speaker, but was unsuccessful. He said that the overall knowledge and skills learned so far will be used in the development of the country. He asserted that he did not lower the head of his country when he was the Speaker, and said that he will only do things to raise his head in the rest of the time.

He said that the main reason why the Maoist Center has shrunk to 18 seats is that the problem within the party is the main reason, and the problem of the party should be solved after a serious review. He claimed that the party has shrunk when it moves forward by forgetting ideas, methods and principles. He said that the country is in a complicated and difficult situation, saying that visits and meetings from various levels have intensified in the country in recent times.

Member of the House of Representatives Lekhnath Dahal (Rajan) said that the Maoist center is not weak politically, but the seats of the party are less due to the weak mentality of the party leaders and workers. He said that the party will be strong and dynamic only if it respects the past and embraces the present. He promised to take the initiative to bring the Federal Education Act.

Similarly, Saral Sahayatri, a member of the Bagmati State Assembly, said that the education sector will develop only if the teachers teach with self-satisfaction in the schools where they work. The heads, presidents and vice-presidents of the local level of Sindhuli have demanded the immediate release of the Education Act saying that the problems of the education sector have not been resolved due to the failure of the Federal Education Act.

The session held today elected a new working committee with 11 members under the chairmanship of Shankar Adhikari. Deepak Dhungana of Nuwakot as Senior Vice President, Parvati Kadaria of Ramechhap as Women Vice President, Baburam Ghimire of Kathmandu as Vice President, Devendra Maharjan of Lalitpur, Kabindra Gautam of Sindhuli as General Secretary, Khemraj Lamichhane of Makwanpur as Finance General Secretary, Narayanadatta Koirala of Chitwan as Deputy Secretary General, Kalika Wali of Dolakha as Women Secretary, Duwang Dorje Lama of Kavre as Secretary. Santosh Shrestha, President of Integrated All Nepal Teachers’ Organization Sindhuli informed that Man Sin Tamang of Sindhupalchok was selected.



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