After the bus driver fell asleep…

Sachin KC arrived in Pokhara at four in the morning. He stayed at the lakeside as he had to go to Lekhnath in the afternoon. In the afternoon, he went to Pokhara University (PU) in Lekhnath. On Monday (today) he came to Pokhara from Bhairahawa to participate in the convocation ceremony of the University.

He had an accident while returning from Piu on Sunday afternoon. The bus belonging to Begnas Pokhara Transport Pvt. Ltd. of Chado fell into the gorge of Khare river about 25 meters from the road. 45 passengers including him were injured. There were a total of 47 passengers including the driver and co-driver in the bus.

According to Sachin, the diver, who was driving the bus under the influence of alcohol, fell asleep while driving and met with the accident. Sachin went to Piu to get the gown. While returning with the gown, Pokhara Metropolitan City Shisuwa fell into a ravine near 27 Hanspur Police Station. ‘I was on the diver’s side. The diver was completely asleep. There was a smell of alcohol. At first, the speech was hesitant. I thought it would be the same because it was Hocho Hocho. But that will not be the case. After consuming bhola (tobacco) I realized that I had done it,” he said. “After a while, I slept in the car. After sleeping, he (Sangita Kshetri) screamed, what did he do when he screamed? Why are you sleeping? said Before he could say that, the car was completely overturned.’ According to Sachin, the vehicle had overturned two or three times. Then Sachin and Sangita were crushed by the same diver. Sachin and Sangeeta, who were still conscious at that time, went back to sleep after talking about the car accident.

‘The car overturned after eating two or three bolts. He was also torn, I was also torn by the diver. When the brother said whether to get up or not, he got up saying that he is a diver. He said.

Similarly, a student who came from Butwal for Dikshant said that the accident happened due to the carelessness of the driver. ‘We came to get the gown. Tomorrow as computation. When he came, we would fall a little far, so he asked us to sit in the front seat, and we also came and sat in the front seat,’ she said. Sachin said that although he was not injured as much as others, he was in a lot of pain in the shoulder joint. ‘I am not hurt that much, but I feel like I have a dislocated (shoulder joint) here. It’s like the muscles are jammed and I can’t get up. Fewer injuries than others. Now I can’t go tomorrow, how long will the hospital keep me. I will go home now.’

Shiv Prasad Pathak, Information Officer of District Traffic Police Office Kaski, said that the accident was due to complete negligence of the driver. He said that the preliminary investigation showed that the accident was due to the consumption of alcohol or drugs. ‘The initial investigation showed complete negligence of the driver. We will check his medical report, what will be the report’ he said, ’45 people were injured in the accident. Out of which 3 people are in serious condition. Since the police station is nearby, it seems that the rescue operation is easy.’

He requested the general public to take care of the condition of the driver after boarding the vehicle. If there is any such suspicion on the driver, he also requested to inform the police or traffic police immediately. Driver Bijesh Bastola and co-driver Man Bahadur Kumal are under police custody.

These are the injured

28 women, 15 men, 2 boys and 1 girl were injured in the accident of public bus No. C 1 B 6747.

Minor injuries include Sonali Bania, 23, resident of Rupendehi Siddarth Municipality, Ramkala Khadka, 69, resident of Kathmandu Nagarjun Municipality 10, Indra Khadka, 21, Sushant Khadka, 29, Mamta Neupane, 24, resident of Rupendehi Tilotta Napa 13, 23, Tilotta 3 Varshia Avina Pun Magar, 25-year-old Savita Gotame of 6 in Tilotta, 28-year-old Sujata Kaushal of Chitwan Bharatpur 25, 12-year-old Sachita Gurung of Pokhara 30, 65-year-old Sunsari Gurung, 4-year-old Mamta Gurung, 25-year-old Vinita Rana of Syangja Galang Municipality 4, 24-year-old Prabha Pokharel of Adhikhola 5, 25-year-old Gaurav Neupane of Rupandehi Devdah 9, 24-year-old Ishwar Pandey of Rupandehi Sainamaina 2, 24-year-old Sunil Tharu and Manisha Pandey of Tilottama 7, 15-year-old Sahil Gurung of Kaski Annapurna 6, 25 of Bharatpur 6 Sita Adhikari, 2 years old, and Riaz Adhikari, 2 years old, Chitwan Gharbhai, Sita Bastola, currently living in Pokhara 5, Pushpa Adhikari, 24 years old, Bharatpur 14, Prakriti Rizal, 24 years old, Rupandehi Devdah 10, and Garima Neupane, 20 years old, Kalpana Khatra, 24 years old, Bharatpur 10 Suman Thapa, 29 years old, Lila Adhikari, 25 years old, Kaski Madi 8, Namrata Adhikari, 25 years old, Pokhara 3, Nisha Pun, 24 years old, Phulbari, Pokhara 11.

Similarly, 56-year-old Pramod Dahal and 24-year-old Ajna Dahal of Kathmandu Gokarneshwar 7, 24-year-old Rozina Karki of Lalitpur 24, 20-year-old Isha Bhujel of Kalanki 14, 24-year-old Vidur Neupane of Navalpur Gaidakot 2, Sangita Kshetri of Rupandehi Mayadevi 8 and 23-year-old Sachin KC, 15-year-old Sudip Giri Adhikari of Pokhara 13, Anisha Chaudhary 25-years-old of Navalparas 4, Asmita Adhikari 24-years-old of Pokhara 6 Lakeside, Shobha Sapkota 27-years-old of Chitwan Tadi 8, Savitri Adhikari Giri 38-years-old of Pokhara 13, Nashalp Bajracharya of Lalitpur 19 , 34-year-old Sagar Paudel of Chitwan 8 Tandi, 40-year-old Joumaya Gurung of Pokhara 10, driver Bijesh Bastola of Pokhara 31, co-driver Man Bahadur Kumal.

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