Chief Minister Janata Health Program at Methinkot


The Chief Minister Public Health Program on Non-Communicable Diseases has started at Methinkot Hospital in Kavre. Health Minister of Bagmati Province Government Rameshwar Shrestha announced the start of the service in the hospital during a program.

Medical history and physical examination of non-communicable diseases, CAT test for asthma, weight, height and abdominal thickness, blood pressure measurement, VIA examination for women will be free. Similarly, respiratory, high blood pressure, and sugar tests will also be free.

In the Chief Minister Janata health check-up program, urine, urine, urine, blood, kidney, liver, lipid profile, lung, chest X-ray, ECG and USG tests will be done free of charge for Rs 2,200. Minister Rameshwar Shrestha said that the government of Bagmati province has arranged free insurance for citizens who cannot participate in health treatment. Minister Shrestha said that based on the recommendations of the local government, the Bagmati provincial government will provide free health services to the endangered communities, marginalized and dependent citizens through insurance.

Informing about the services and problems provided by Methinkot Hospital, the medical superintendent of the hospital Dr. Purushottam Sedhai said that citizens are happy with the expansion of services, but there is a problem due to the lack of physical infrastructure and manpower. Minister Shrestha expressed his commitment that the service will not be stopped due to lack of manpower. He said that manpower and equipment will be purchased according to the needs of the citizens for the services of the citizens. For that, the state government will prepare a health policy within the state to be completed within the current year, prepare an ONM survey of manpower and arrange manpower and equipment according to infrastructure in all hospitals within the state.

Minister Shrestha said that the Chief Minister Public Health Examination Program has been started for the control and awareness of the epidemic of Nursene disease. This will happen once every week. The government plans to gradually increase it.

He said that the government is going to manage manpower through local health institutions by sending health workers to their homes for the treatment of sick and disabled senior citizens at home. Similarly, he said that the collection of data on non-communicable diseases will be done in accordance with the three levels of government.

Chief District Officer Punyavikram Poudel said that the quality of hospitals in the district should be improved and expanded so that all citizens can get easy services. He said that hospitals on the highway should become more effective during disasters.

President Krishna Prasad Khanal said that the land management work started for the hospital should be completed immediately and the building should be constructed.

The government has allocated 3 crore rupees for the construction of the hospital in the current year.

In the program, Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Badri Bahadur Khadka, directed the government to complete 60 percent of the current expenditure and 100 percent of the capital expenditure by the end of February. The head of the hospital Dr. Pudasaini said that he is moving forward by paying attention to both the services to the citizens and the directives of the ministry.

The hospital has been making mental health and other services effective. The hospital is managing the infrastructure for starting dialysis services. The head of the hospital, Dr. Pudasaini, informed that other services have also been continued.

Skilled human resources are available in the hospital. Emergency services, operations and other services are available 24 hours a day.

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