A job fair will be held in Kathmandu

Kathmandu. Federation of Nepal Industry and Commerce is organizing a job fair in Kathmandu.

The federation is going to organize a job fair at the secretariat of the federation, Tekuma, on the 16th and 17th of May.

The fair is going to be organized with the support of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security and the International Labor Organization.

According to the federation, there will be an employment service center and the technical assistance of Mero Jawa in the fair. The federation has announced that the job fair is going to be organized with the aim of taking the initiative to provide job opportunities to the youth who are looking for work through major companies, helping them to find new opportunities, identifying the necessary skills and creating an environment for the youth to work in the country.

The federation has set a goal of seeing more than 5,000 young people who are looking for work at the job fair in which more than 100 companies will participate. The federation has a plan to organize the fair as a calendar event every year.

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