Pragya Pratishthan revising the largest Nepali dictionary

Kathmandu. Nepal Pragya Pratishthan is going to revise the big Nepali dictionary.

On the occasion of 100 days since the new leadership came to the institution on Friday, it was informed at a press conference that it was decided to revise the large Nepali dictionary as there was a dispute.

Speaking at the press conference, the chancellor of the institution, Bhupal Rai, said that many complaints have been received saying that the large Nepali dictionary published earlier contains controversial words. He said that he has come to a decision to revise the Big Nepali Dictionary so that there is no controversy.

He said that the work will be carried forward by forming a committee after discussions with social organizations and concerned bodies for revising the dictionary. He said that the National Poetry Festival, which will be held on June 9, will be multi-lingual, participatory and inclusive.

He said that instead of the grants given by the Foundation to literary magazines and journalists, two distinguished literary journalists will be honored with the National Award for Literary Journalism. He said that the establishment will emphasize on the aesthetic search of people’s struggles and sacrifices and heroism.

Vice-chancellor Rai said that the challenge of the institution is to cover 123 languages ​​and more than 125 castes. He said that in the next 4 years, there is a plan to make the institution a knowledge institution for all.

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