The fare of public vehicles running in Bagmati province has decreased

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Kathmandu. The fare of short distance public vehicles in Bagmati province has decreased.

The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Transport of Bagmati province has reduced the fare of public vehicles on Thursday. On the ninth day after the Nepal Oil Corporation reduced the price of diesel, the fare of short-distance vehicles in Bagmati province has been reduced.

The reduced rent rate by the Ministry has been published in the gazette today. Asman Tamang, secretary of the ministry said that the fares have been reduced by 5.9 percent in Kathmandu Valley and 4.18 percent in short-distance public vehicles and 5.69 percent in cargo vehicles outside the valley.

Earlier, when the price of diesel increased, the bus fares for long distances were increased but short distances were not. Nepal Oil Corporation had reduced the price of diesel with effect from Wednesday last week. Soon after, the government adjusted the long-distance fares. Long distance i.e. inter-province fare is determined by the central government and short distance i.e. inter-city fare is determined by the state government.

Last March 20, the price of diesel and kerosene per liter was Rs. 10 and 10 and petrol Rs. The Corporation has reduced the prices of diesel and kerosene by Rs 10 and 10 per liter with effect from Wednesday of the previous week.

According to the reduced price, currently the price of diesel per liter is Rs. One hundred and fifty five have been established. Last year, the fare of short-distance vehicles operating within the province was increased. According to the increased fare, passengers will pay Rs. 20 are paying rent.

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