Directed by Kathmandu Metropolitan City to private schools to distribute scholarships within May 15

Kathmandu. Kathmandu Metropolitan City has instructed the private schools to distribute the scholarships by 15th of June.

The Metropolitan Corporation has asked to send the information about the distribution of scholarships to the Education Department of the Kathmandu Metropolitan Municipality via email on 16th May. For 2080, the details of the scholarship distributed to students up to class 10 from the respective private schools should be submitted.

There is a legal provision that private schools must provide scholarships to 10 percent of the students in the previous academic session in the new academic session. On the same basis, according to sub-section (3) of section 50 of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City Education Act, 2075, the scholarship selection committee decided to distribute the scholarship.

The city has instructed the school to publish the details of the scholarships provided on its website and to provide an opportunity for hearing any complaints from parents, students and stakeholders. The metropolis has also warned to publicize the details of schools that do not distribute scholarships within the stipulated time.

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