A 16-point rise in the stock market

Kathmandu. Stock market gauge NEPSE index increased by 16.49 points.

NEPSE, which has been continuously rising for the last one week, continued on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the NEPSE index rose 16.49 points to 1959.12 points. Similarly, the sensitive index has increased by 3.58 points, while the float index has increased by 0.90 points and the sensitive float index has increased by 0.78 points.

4,865,000 shares of 270 companies traded on Wednesday were bought and sold worth 1.873 million rupees. Although the NEPSE index increased, the trading volume decreased on Wednesday. More than 2 billion shares were traded on Tuesday.

Out of the 13 subgroups of NEPSE, the index of 10 subgroups has increased while the index of 3 subgroups has decreased. In which the index of production and processing sub-group increased by 4.69 percent, the index of hotel and processing sub-group increased by 4.5 percent and the index of microfinance sub-group increased by more than 2 percent. However, finance, hydropower and merchant fund sub-indexes have decreased.

On Wednesday, with the increase in NEPSE index, the shares of the two companies were traded at a positive circuit level. In which the shares of Atmanirbhar Lagufitta Financial Institution and Ynilever Nepal traded at positive circuit level.

Similarly, the share price of Shivam Cements, Swabhiman Laguvitta, United Insurance has increased. However, 3.77 percent of Sanima Equity Fund has decreased since then. On Wednesday, shares of Shivam Cements Company worth Rs. 146 million were bought and sold.

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