Abolish the National Planning Commission: Upendra Yadav

Kathmandu. Janata Samajwadi Party President Upendra Yadav has said that the National Planning Commission should be abolished.

Speaker Yadav, while participating in the discussion on the government’s policies and programs in the House of Representatives meeting on Wednesday, demanded that the National Planning Commission be abolished. He mentioned that the National Planning Commission had no work and said that it only increased the expenditure.

He suggested that the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Committee should be formed instead of the Commission. President Yadav also said that policies and programs have not been implemented to implement federalism. He said that the policies and procedures are anti-federalism.

He said – ‘Province and local governments are being tried to be controlled by the central government. This is contrary to the essence and spirit of federalism. Provinces are members of the Union and not units. In a federal system. Looking at this, it has acted as anti-federalism. Yadav said that the structure of federalism is flawed, should it be improved or not? He asked. President Yadav commented that the policies and programs are full of words, literature and imagination.

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