I am working to reduce the problems faced by disabled people while climbing mountains: Hari Budhamgar

Kathmandu. Hari Budhamar, a former Gorkha soldier who has successfully climbed Mount Everest, has said that he will work to reduce the procedural hassles faced by the disabled while climbing the mountain.

He shared his experience of climbing Mt. Everest while holding a press conference in Kathmandu after climbing Mt. Mt.

He said that the goal of working in the future is to focus on how to reduce the process that disabled people have to climb mountains.

He also said that people with disabilities will not have to go through a long process like they did. He said that his dream of reaching the peak of Everest and taking many photos and seeing all the mountains from the highest place in the world was not successful because of the weather.

He said that when he climbed Mount Everest, he experienced what it was like to be without oxygen in the body. He said that when he climbed Mt. Everest, his body became cold as he ran out of oxygen and could not go up, and later he climbed up healthy after changing the oxygen.

He said that even though he lost both legs (above the knee), he dared to climb Mt. He said that there is no foot design like his anywhere in the world.

He said that he felt that he had done a good job by climbing Everest with everyone’s motivation. He said that Nepalis are mainly Mount Everest, the country of Buddha and the country of Gorkhalis and he is related to all three things. He said that when he was in the British Army, he lost both his legs (above the knee) in Afghanistan in 2010 and thought that his life was over.

Budhamagar had reached the summit of 3 Everest in the afternoon of the 5th of June in the ongoing climbing of the spring season. Tourism Minister Sudan Kiranti also reached the airport to welcome and honor him.

Similarly, President Ramchandra Paudel has congratulated Hari Budhamagar who successfully climbed the world’s highest peak Mount Everest with the help of an artificial leg. President Paudel’s congratulatory message was handed over to Budhamgar by Kiran Pokharel, President’s press advisor.

President Paudel has mentioned in his congratulatory message that Budhamgar’s world record in climbing Mount Everest with the help of artificial legs, even after losing both legs in the war while serving in the British Gurkha Army, will always be a source of inspiration for everyone as a symbol of passion, pride and pride.

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