NEPSE increased by 51 points, turnover over 2 billion

Kathmandu. The stock market, which has been continuously positive for the last 5 days, saw a surge on Tuesday.

Amidst ups and downs, the market index NEPSE rose by 51 points and reached 1942. The turnover also increased to more than 2 billion.

In all the groups, there was an increase of 4 percent in the manufacturing and microfinance groups. Both insurance and business groups also rose by around 4 percent. Hotels and tourism and finance group also improved by 3 percent. Most of the rest of the groups rose by double digits.

According to the exchange, 271 shares of 271 companies were bought and sold for 2.2 billion on Tuesday in Nepal Stock Exchange. On this day, investors of 219 companies made gains while only 2 companies lost.

On this day, the shares of Kalika Microfinance, Khaptad Microfinance, Atmanirbar Microfinance and Community Microfinance were traded in positive circuit labels.

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