Swarnim Wagle’s request to bring realistic, credible and hopeful budget

Kathmandu. National Independent Party MP Swarnim Wagle has said that the upcoming budget brought by the government should be of a kind that inspires hope.

While participating in the discussion on the government’s policies and programs at the meeting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, he said that the budget should be realistic, credible and hope-inspiring based on policy, intention and capacity. MP Wagle emphasized that the budget should be prepared with a good understanding of the country’s capacity, policy and implementation intentions.

He also said that the policy and program of the fiscal year 2080/81, which has been approved by the government, is only a document brought to uphold the tradition. Wagle commented that the policy and program were merely bogged down in rituals. He also said that the common development strategy in policies and programs is ‘Derail’. He urged the government to come up with a realistic budget this year saying that a big budget will be brought in May and it will be quietly reduced in January. He also said that the infrastructure model should be reconsidered.

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