Lack of market for ginger of Elam

Elam. Ginger has been cultivated commercially in the western part of Elam. However, as the local governments do not pay attention to the marketing, the farmers have not been able to get the proper price of ginger.

Ginger is used as a spice. Elam’s name is leading in ginger production in Nepal. Ginger produced here is exported to India. In the western Phakphokthum Rural Municipality of Ilam, ginger is cultivated in every farmer’s field.

The main source of income is ginger production. Although the production of ginger is good, the price according to labor has not reached the hands of the farmers. Phakphokthum rural municipality chairman Dipendra Khanal said that farmers are not getting good prices because they are only collected in Nepal and exported to India.

The price of Nepalese ginger depends on the Indian market. Also, the road connecting Jhapa market from Phakphokthum is unpaved. As a result, the price set by the Indian businessman is not enough for the farmer. The cost of transportation from Fakfok to Jhapa market is higher. As a result, the farmers do not even get the price specified in the market. There is a complaint that the farmers in Phakphokthum Municipality are getting low prices even though they are their main source of income.

The ginger produced within Phakphokthum is collected from local traders. The ginger collected here is taken to Jhapa market. Ginger is exported to India from Jhapa through the Kakarvitta channel. The price of ginger (40 kg) is now 2000 rupees. At the beginning of the season, ginger was being bought and sold for Rs 1,000.

If the government would market ginger properly, Elam would be self-sufficient from ginger.

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