Five hundred people climbed Mount Everest in spring

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Kathmandu. In the spring season of this year, about 500 people have climbed the highest peak, Mount Everest.

According to the Department of Tourism, five hundred climbers and Sherpas have climbed Mt.

Homprasad Luintel, director general of the department, said that until today, about 500 people have climbed Mount Everest. “Of the four hundred and seventy-eight people who took ‘Expedition Permits’ to climb Mount Everest in the spring season, around five hundred have successfully climbed Mount Everest until today. It also has climbers and Sherpa guides”, Director General Luintel said.

According to the department, as the weather has cooperated, the climbing of the mountains including Everest is encouraging. This year’s spring climbing started on 30th Baisakh. The climbing door was opened after the skilled worker (ice fall doctor) fixed the rope up to the peak of Everest.

The highest number of climbers in history have taken permission to climb Mount Everest in the spring season. According to the details of the mountain climbing branch of the department, a total of 478 climbers including 103 women and 376 men from 47 climbing groups have taken permission to climb.

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