It was only seen as a work to be done by the auditor: Auditor General Sharma

Kathmandu. Auditor General Tankamani Sharma Dangal has said that he is only going to take it as the work to be done by the auditor.

Speaking at the meeting of the Audit Committee held on Sunday, Auditor General Sharma complained that in recent times, any agency is taking it as an auditor’s job, rather than the need to make unnecessary mistakes.

He said that rather than not letting things happen in the future, the auditor’s office has given priority to the issue of illegal corruption. He said that the scientific solution to beruju fasraut is to spend the beruju raised in one year in the same year.

He said that even if there was no expenditure in the same year, it should have been incurred during the next year’s audit. Auditor General Sharma said that the auditors will not be allowed morally, legally and practically to show their worthlessness by defaming the people’s representatives. He said that the auditors have not done such work yet. He said that the responsible person should prohibit such work rather than promoting it at the political level that my auditor should do this.

He said that it is necessary to look at past performance while making political appointments in public institutions. He also said that it is necessary to take action against the political appointees who are more dishonest and those who embezzle money.

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