After becoming the President, Paudel addressing the Parliament for the first time today

Kathmandu. President Ramchandra Paudel is addressing the joint meeting of both houses of the Federal Parliament on Friday.

President Paudel is going to address the joint meeting of both Houses of the Federal Parliament (National and House of Representatives) today at 4 pm. It will be presented by President Paudel. The Parliament Secretariat has informed that all the preparations for the presentation of policies and programs have been completed.

Poudel is going to address the joint meeting of the Federal Parliament for the first time after being elected as the President. Paudel was elected as the President on February 25. The policy and program presented by the government to the Parliament today will be discussed in the House of Representatives and the National Assembly for a few days from Sunday.

There is a constitutional provision to present the annual budget on the 15th of June after the discussion is over. After the President’s address, both houses will hold separate meetings. The meeting will table the President’s address.

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