Hundreds of books in the public library of Bhrikutimandapa were destroyed

Kathmandu. It has become difficult to save the books of the public library in the Bhrikutimandap after the roof leaked and the rainwater entered the library. More than 300 books kept here have been destroyed and some books have been saved by drying in the sun. Library owners say that they have to face problems because the government-owned Samajkalyan Parishad is not supportive.

Although 5 million was given to the library in the current financial year, which was operated with a government grant of 10 million, there is no promising managerial improvement. 9 employees are employed to take care of the library. But since the roof itself has leaked, book security has become the main challenge. Public library manager Jujubhai Dangol says that the double-edged policy of social welfare, which neither repairs nor allows repairs, is causing problems.

Every year, the library becomes submerged due to water seeping in during the rains. But the book is kept in a box to protect it from water. Even the book gifted by the reader could not be managed properly, so it seems that the book itself has been insulted. Jujubhai, who has been considering the library as his second home since its inception, says that the condition of the library has made him sad.

The public library was operated in Bhrikutimand under the condition of waiving 75 percent of the rent, but now the council has charged the entire rent, and the library management is angry that the library has been charged. There is an arrangement to borrow books from this library after paying 300 rupees annually. Likewise, an e-library is also in operation for technology-friendly readers.

The library contains a wide variety of books from the British Library and patrons. However, due to the lack of proper maintenance of the books, those who helped the books often complain. Due to lack of proper arrangement of the place to keep the books, they are kept in different places. This state of the public library in the main settlement of Kathmandu, the capital of the intellectual community, is a matter of shame for everyone.

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