Stock market improved by 32 points

Kathmandu. On the last day of the week, the stock market improved by double digits. Amid fluctuations, the market index NEPSE rose by 32 points and reached 1877.

The turnover also increased significantly and reached around one and a half billion. On this day, 4.4 million shares of 264 companies were bought and sold for more than 1.47 billion in Nepal Stock Exchange.

In the indicators of all the groups involved in the business, there has been an increase of about 4 percent in the hotels and tourism and business groups. Development bank, finance, hydropower, life insurance and microfinance groups have also increased by 2 percent.

On Thursday, while the share price of 204 companies increased, 11 companies decreased. On Thursday, Himalayan Energy Development Company Limited and Atmanirbhar Lagufitta Finance Sanstha Limited had a positive circuit, while the share price of NIVIL decreased by 3 percent.

According to the exchange, the turnover of Nepal Telecom was above 86.3 million based on the transaction amount on Thursday.

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