US troops coming to Nepal soon: Durga Prasai

Kathmandu. Businesswoman Durga Prasai has said that American troops are coming to Nepal soon.

He did this by holding a press conference at Paris Danda in Kathmandu on Saturday. He said that the leaders here have sold the country and transfer the money from the country to different countries including Dubai in the name of their employees. He claimed that he has evidence that the banks of Nepal legally sent 33 kg of gold money to a company called Escoda Trading Concert in Dubai through Hyundai.

He said that so far the leaders have sent 32 billion rupees from the country to foreign banks. He said that he is hundreds of steps ahead of the politicians of Nepal and said that now CPN-UML is also questioning the fact that federalism is not right.

He said, ’33 kg of gold money has been paid to this company in Dubai. Payment has been made legally. Banks have sent through hundi. Payment has been made to a company called Escoda Trading Concert. A company called Galaxy is in Hong Kong. One of its branches called Advance Remittance is in Nepal. 32 billion rupees have fled from this country. The demand that I made, now the UML also made the same demand, that federalism should be abolished. Durga Prasai was a hundred years ago, and the American army is coming here sooner than these politicians.’

Businessman Prasai also said that the country will never find happiness if the people do not conduct a campaign to punish the leaders.

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