Water supply plans stalled due to lack of budget

Sindhuli. In Sindhuli, the water supply project has stalled due to lack of budget.

Due to which consumers are dying. The Chiurikhani-Khantar-Baramthumki-Sunnam lift water supply scheme, which is being run with the grant of the Bagmati state government in Fikkal rural municipality-2 pond of the district, has been stalled for two years.

Chairman Shankar Bahadur Bhandari said that the construction period of the plan which started in the financial year 2077/078 was only 1 year and due to the lack of budget to complete the construction at that time, the plan was stalled.

The state government allocated 5.8 million for the lift water supply scheme. The construction company was entrusted with the construction of the water supply scheme. The construction company completed the work as per the contract. But due to the lack of budget to complete the rest of the work and the lack of electricity at the location, the water supply project has stalled.

Local Jayprasad Neupane said that only a wall was installed at the place where the pipe was buried and no other work was done. Due to lack of completion of the plan on time, the dream of having clean drinking water at home has not been fulfilled yet. Locals complain that it is very difficult to get water during rainy season and in Baisakh and May.

Due to the lack of maintenance of the old scheme, water does not come regularly and only for a short period of time, so the locals have been suffering for more than a decade. Locals say that although they have been making demands for the completion of the plan, the relevant authorities have not shown any interest due to political reasons.

The lift drinking water scheme has stalled due to budget allocation when the CPN-UML was in government in the state and MPs from other parties and the government did not show much interest in completing the scheme. The rural municipality office allocated a budget of 3 lakhs for the project in the current financial year.

However, the said budget is not sufficient for electricity, electricity and other necessary works and the plan cannot be completed.

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