Re-operation of TVM stuck in Sunkoshi Marin diversion

Sindhuli. A 5.3 km tunnel of Sunkoshi Marin Diversion Multi-Purpose Project has been constructed in Sindhuli.

Earlier, during the construction of the tunnel, the TVM, which was caught in a landslide in the underground area of ​​4.7 km, will be re-operated. Mitra Baral, director of the project, informed that the construction of the tunnel is going on at a fast pace after the operation.

The Chinese contractor Chaiza Overseas Engineering Company Kovek, which has taken the contract for the construction of the same project, aims to build a tunnel from TVM. From Kandhungri of Sunkoshi Rural Municipality, 67,000 liters of water per second of Sunkoshi River will be constructed up to 13 km tunnel.

In addition, there is a plan to produce 31 megawatts of electricity by bringing that water to Marin area. Ayozan has contracted for 67,000 liters of water per second of Sunkoshi river to be dropped in the same tunnel.

Work is also being started to build a dam on the said river.

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