Review of monetary policy is not what the government wants: Finance Minister Mahat

Kathmandu. Finance Minister Dr. Prakasharan Mahat said that the third quarter review of the monetary policy published by the Nepal Rastra Bank was not what the government wanted.

On Friday, the Minister of Finance, speaking at a program where the Revenue Consultative Committee will take suggestions from the private sector for the upcoming budget. Mahat said this.

He said that although he expected a looser monetary policy from the National Bank, it was not what the government wanted. He said that he would give a positive message to solve the economic problems seen in the current economy.

Finance Minister Dr. Mahat said that the recent liquidity in the market will make it easier for lending. He said that the government will implement the advice and suggestions given by the private sector in the upcoming budget based on justification and necessity. He mentioned that the main goal of the government is to make the current economy sustainable. He said that efforts will be made through the budget to remove the policy problems and obstacles in unnecessary laws, regulations or directives.

He said that without the activity of private sector business, there will be no increase in production and creation of employment, and revenue cannot increase without the development of industrial business. He claimed that the size of the budget will increase only when the revenue increases and the investment capacity of the state will increase only based on the increase in the budget.

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